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We are the only pastured poultry operation in Bermuda. We created & operate Bermuda's only licensed poultry dressing facility. Tom has kept poultry & indeed pastured poultry since he was young child. He managed the laying flock while at school abroad. It was only after hurricane Fabian devastated Bermuda & the farm that it was decided to add poultry to our operation. The initial thought was to grow a few eggs. Our good friend & associate Brian Payne suggested the pasture model. He put us in touch with the American Pasture Poultry Producers Association. This was an expanded system very similar to the method Tom had used in the family vegetable garden as a boy. It provided fresh poultry & eggs while manuring the land. This system was the modern day brain child of Joel Salatin.  He had perfected this at his Polyface farm in Swope, Virginia. He founded the American Pasture Poultry Association.  Tomserved on their Board of Directors for many years and retired from being President in 2015.  

We built shelters, purchased day old broiler & layer chicks abroad & began production.  We sold our first eggs & broilers at the Farmers market at Bull's Head. Our poultry was immediately embraced ! We then went on to produced pasture raised Turkeys & ducks. Our layers are fed a "No Corn, No Soy" ration for a healthier egg. All feeds used on Wadson's Farm are made from non GM grains.   The young broilers are moved out of the brooders at about 3 weeks of age. They are still fairly small. We had already introduced Dorper sheep to the farm. Their purposed was both supply high quality lamb & to "keep the lawn mowed" for the young broiler birds. Dorper sheep have excellent qualities including the fact that they shed their wool, I have no idea how to shear a sheep!  

Mutton has a very different taste than lamb, primarily because they are older woolly sheep. The more wool a sheep has on it the more lanolin they produce. This lanolin is the off taste in mutton. The less wool that is produced the less lanolin is produced, the better the taste of the lamb. Dorpers win every taste test they enter!  They have a higher dressing percentage than most sheep, they will breed in any day length and are great mothers. Another brilliant find!  


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