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Bermuda Hogs

The Original Bermuda Hogs


We have had the original Bermuda hogs at Wadson's Farm since 2007. In 2006, I was approached in the middle of Market day by a gentleman by the name of Don Bixby. I had ask Don to come back after the market as we were simply too busy! He agreed to visit the home farm on the following Monday. Monday arrived and so did Don!   He asked if I had any interest in raising pigs. He then produced several pages of photos of these rather different pigs, including a Winslow Homer painting entitled "Bermuda's First Settlers". He then went on to introduce himself as a retired veterinarian who was working with what was then "The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy". I was already a member. He announced that what is commonly referred to as the Ossabaw hog was genetically identical the Bermuda hog. They had been brought to the new world by the Spanish in the 1500s.  

The only genetically identical stock had survived as a pure breed on Ossabaw, an island of some 20 square miles near Savannah, Georgia.   He felt strongly that they should be brought back to Bermuda and bred so that the original Bermuda hog would indeed be present for Bermuda's 400th anniversary in 2009. He explained that they were available & suggested that I speak to someone at Mount Vernon, George Washington's Farm in Virginia. Don left & it was back to work. I contemplated Bermuda hogs. I spoke with my late mother about the idea. As always, she thought this was a fascinating project and had absolutely no reservation in encouraging me!!   More thought ensued. I contacted Mount Vernon.

They agreed to supply our pure bred stock. We went for a young boar and three young gilts of different blood lines. Several articles were written in local newspapers about their arrival and progress. I sent the articles to Don. he promptly responded to tell us that he had just completed a new set DNA tests on the hogs. It was now clear that while they they were thought to be Iberico out of Spain they also contained genetics from Asia. This indicated that they had probably come out of the Canary Islands. The Canaries are indeed the meeting point of these trade routes.

It is interesting to note some of the characteristics of Ossabaw hogs and the island itself. There are records of the performance & breeding of these hogs that goes back some 350 years! The island was privately owned by a Bermudian until fairly recently. I was absolutely stunned to hear this from a friend who had actually visited the island with one of the owners.  It now a well protected part of the Georgia parks system.   These pigs have adapted to the environment of Ossabaw island which has a shortage of food in the spring each year. They are able to put on fat to help them through this period. Their fat is high in omega 3s. It is often referred to as our legged olive oil!    

We keep them at our home farm. Bring a Bermuda penny with you when you come. You will see the same pig that is on the penny walking around!

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